Introduction Hi my name is chka-chka, Mags!


Jan 2, 2017
I thought I already had an introduction thread but according to the message on my screen I guess not.

Well where to begin it all started in 2007 when one day for fun I decided to make a Millennium Falcon in Halo 3 forge on foundry, and way back then people were amazed by it soon after I received a message from some guy named Insane54 telling me I need join this website this guy TrueDarkFusion started called Forge Hub, so like any other impressionable 17 year old I did just that. As time went on with the likes of Shock Theta and Coolant we made some pretty awesome maps that were consistently being posted on Bungie Favs. Then from 2010-2016 I was completely away from Halo and the forge community I was away at college getting my degree, and Im so glad that its finally done and over with, I dont know long Ill be around for again but i want to say at least I am damn proud of my friend Isane54 for all his commitment to this community and all he's accomplished in the last 7 years. Cheers!