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Jan 17, 2016
Hello! My name is Luke. My Gamertag is Luketenant and i go by Runick on the computer. I've been playing halo since ODST and, thanks to the halo 3 multiplayer disc that came with it, forging maps (at least attempting to) for that same amount of time.

I'm also a fan of custom games, though i eventually lost contact to the person who hosted and didn't know where or how to find others who where hosting or playing custom games. I had heard of Halo Customs before, but never looked into it. Now as i join this community I hope to change that. I look forward to playing with and hopefully becoming friends with y'all.

Feel free to friend me (or rather follow with the current system) or invite me to games.

I type this as Halo 5 installs, I can't wait!!
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