Mar 23, 2015
Game: MCC (Reach)
Canvas: Forge World
Author and Fileshare: SonicWolf CD

Corrective is an Elite=Defense style Invasion map with the intended objective order of Territories/Territories/CTF, vaguely inspired by the dev map, Spire, with the
focus being on a highly vertical structure.

I hope to playtest this map in the future, and any criticism is welcome.


Phase 1, Alpha
Corrective P1A.png

Phase 1, Bravo
Corrective P1B.png

One of the Elite spawns in Phase 1.
Corrective P1 Spawn.png

Phase 2, Alpha
Corrective P2A.png

Phase 2, Bravo
Corrective P2B.png

Hey look, an explosive!
Corrective P2 Grenade Launcher.png

Ooh, shiny...
Corrective P2 Sniper.png

Still don't know how Shade turrets work.
Corrective P2 Shade.png

Phase 3, Core room
Corrective P3 Core.png

Just cap it already!
Corrective P3 Capture.png

This can only end well.
Corrective P3 Laser.png

Don't worry, the Elites get toys too.
Corrective P3 Launcher.png

Pay no mind to the ugly floating Wall Colosseum, it's a placeholder and actually there because of this Falcon.
Corrective P3 Falcon.png

Obligatory Banshee.
Corrective P3 Banshee.png

There's more room than you think.
Corrective P3 Revenant.png
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