Ascend Hyperion's Youtube Info Thread

Oct 7, 2017
Hey there everyone! I'm Ascend Hyperion and I want to see your maps. Yes! YOUR MAPS! I run a Forge Youtube Channel where I focus on highlighting the latest and greatest from the Forge Community! What can you expect to find on my channel? Well my content schedule consists of:

- Map Features -
- Live Gameplay -
- Exclusive First Looks -
- Personal Map Trailers -
- Content Showcases -

The video attached below explains how I select maps to be featured. It's short so be sure to watch it! It will give you much of the info you need if you're interested in being showcased on the channel! Now, I operate mainly out of ForgeHub but I am expanding my range! If you are on HaloCustoms and want to keep it that way, you can submit maps inside this thread! Be sure to include your Gamertag, Map Name, Link, Supported Gametypes, Brief Description and one screenshot.

If you want to get an idea of what the content on my channel looks like, the best way is to see it for yourself! All my content is organized neatly in playlists for your viewing ease! I hope you enjoy the channel! Thanks for reading!

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