1. corduroyCHUCK

    Fresh Halo Swag: TeeFury Edition

    Today's featured TeeFury design is very relevant to the Halo community and I wouldn't want y'all to miss out! Thanks to a certain somebody, I'm totally addicted to TeeFury and f5 it like a crazy person. Every 24 hours they put up a new shirt design, and once they're gone, they're gone forever...
  2. Lights

    Start 2013 with Some Fresh Halo Swag

    The great thing about Red Bubble is that anyone can create a design and sell their art on t-shirts, hoodies, canvas, stickers, etc, and make money! You can create some art, sign up, upload your art, people [hopefully] like your product enough to order it on a shirt, so Red Bubble prints it on a...