1. RushMyPancake

    Reach Capitalist Kart 2022-05-17

    Capitalist Kart is a Race gametype that features an in-game economy while racing. Players can drive over coins that spawn on the track and spend those coins on various vehicle upgrades and shortcuts. Shortcuts cost 5 coins each. To switch to a Ghost costs 7 coins. To switch to a Warthog costs 7...
  2. xDangles25x

    H3 Blind Faith HC 2021-02-11

    The first HC track on Avalanche. What is Hardcore tracks?? These are difficult racetracks that have tricks and traps throughout them making it difficult to complete a lap. There are three rounds and it's first to 5 laps. You get -1 for dying. Round one and two you go on the second destination...
  3. xDangles25x

    H3 Shifty Sands 2020-12-28

    A sandbox out of map terrain track with some unique terrain and big jumps. Enjoy!
  4. S

    Introduction I'm new here, make the message go away now okay pls

    Thanks. Love you.