1. Tedium

    Halo 4 Forge - Like Reach, but worse!

    By now I think we all know that Halo 4's forge isn't what it used to be. In fact, it's downright terrible. But, like the loyal loving fanbase that we are, we make do! We grumble away, but most of us still manage to put out some quality stuff! Well Arbiter617 stuck out a video he did with some...
  2. Tedium

    Ahmegergahhh I don't know

    A part of me always cringes at real-life, fan-made Halo videos. Another part of me dies when someone starts singing during one. Buuut... this one's pretty good! With tongue-in-cheek, these guys know exactly how to dance the Halo way. Check it out! Thanks to CJM0987 for sharing this! Edit...