1. an Orca Dork

    MG Gungoose 1.0

    Observe the Demonstration >>>CLICK TO DOWNLOAD<<< How to Use? Launch IRTV Click File -> Open -> "Select the .irtv mod you want to load" Load the Campaign version of mod provided. Order a Gungoose Load Tags Poke the Changes and enjoy your H2A Gungoose!
  2. TonnyT

    Reach Rocket Run 2021-05-21

    Hey, TonnyT here, Back with another asymmetric infection minigame. This time it's Rocket Run! Rocket Run Map: Forge World Gametype: Incoming! Recommended lobby size: (8-16) Rocket Run pits a single rocketeer on a rocket hog against a horde of angry mongeese. The course is divided into four...
  3. Bad Company

    H2A Wild Goose Chase

    Wild Goose Chase by the one and only BC!! This minigame is about holding the hill for the longest time (without occupation) and occupying others' hills, so that they don't rack more points The Spawn This where it all begins, the player must get into a mongoose as quickly as possible, or...