1. Mr Rogers4

    Ideas of Minigames and Map Styles Thread

    So the idea of this thread is to discuss ideas of different Minigame and Map concepts that we would want to see in Halo. Like if you want to see a map made primarily out of man cannons, you can mention it here. I will start with an idea I'm interested in seeing. What I would love to see more is...
  2. Lost Pinecone

    The Lost Mine

    GT: A Squid Loaf The Lost Mine is a very challenging maze that will test your sanity. Only the most determined of explorers will escape to see the light of day. USE GAMETYPE: LOST MINE MODE. Bonus Challenge: Find all 10 crystals: Extra Bonus Challenge: Find the Secret Room.
  3. iKampfer

    Amazing Maze

    It is what it is, a maze. You spawn at Olive the Pig and have to find Timmy the Whale at the end of the maze. There are no traps, the maze doesn't change while you're in it, and it is not impossible to solve. It's just a giant maze. Enjoy!