1. Roughsta

    Bomber Infection 4.0

    Bomber Infection 4.0 Click Here To Watch The Featuring Video On ARC Guiltypark's Youtube Channel Oracle Gaming (Map Version 4.0) Click here if you want to give my Mini-Game a like in the: Official Action Sack Playlist Submission Thread Please don't forget to use only the bookmark...
  2. HerrMittmann

    Standard Melt in the Middle 1.2

    At first it seems like this map takes place in some snowy mountains. but just like the map's name already hints: the core of this mountain is indeed melted. So you basically have to environments on this map which play completely different. The melted core is more an arena-area. Especially in...
  3. Skyward Shoe

    Staff Picks: Helios

    Staff Picks time! Thats a thing, really. It's been a while, but it was neither lost nor forgotten. Anyway, every so often we find a map that really catches our eyes, as well as our frag grenades and oddball passes. Today I bring you Helios by Blaq Cloud, a big team map for 12 to 16 players that...