1. D

    Every Machinima Needs Body Actors

    So, the game we're using is on MCC on Halo 3. All I need is a good amount of people to help out and it shouldn't take long. The story is about a team trying to get home after a ship crash. There's love, hate, and funny moments. But for this dream to become a reality, I need your help! Message my...
  2. G

    Halo Halo 5 Bodies needed for Short Film

    Hey I currently am attempting to do a short clip using Halo 5 and if anyone would be willing to help out that would great, thank you! Currently low on bodies needed to complete my vision.
  3. Y3S ITZ WES

    Map Preview Halo 5 "Glacier Peek" Preview

    Glacier Peek came from an idea to create a Hunger Games style map on the forge map Glacier. The map itself sports 49 spawn points, 100+ weapons (have yet to be placed), 2 warthogs, 2 mongooses, and 1 gungoose to move quickly around the map. The game modes for the map will consist of a Breakout...