1. NightHero

    Reach Night's Ultimate Jenga Finished, everything should be perfect!

    This is my very own well made jenga map. I have always loved jenga in halo when I was younger, but recently as I played it again it felt a little stale... So I did my best to make this classic gamemode just a little more fun!~ Posted on my YouTube channel! (Not yet posted, but will be) I plan...
  2. NightHero

    Reach Night's Jenga Gametype. 2021-01-18

    Gametype for my Jenga
  3. NightHero

    Reach Night's Jenga Map This is the first version.

    A well made Jenga Game. Built even explosives launcher. Very good map. I'm very proud of it.
  4. Wipeout

    Reach Jenga : TRUE 1.1

    My take on the classic halo minigame of Jenga. 4 towers of jersey barriers are destroyed by various vehicles. A killball will also spawn on and roll down the rails overhead at 2:09 time left.
  5. M

    Reach Jenga 2019 1

    The classic Jenga Minigame from Halo 3, faithfully recreated in Halo Reach!
  6. Mr Jamieism

    Game Idea

    As I am a dab hand at nothing forge related... or in the creation of custom games... I am turning to YOU. Yes you reading this right now. Hey, how you doing? So I woke up this morning with the idea of recreating the "board game" Kerplunk! For those that don't know, Kerplunk!(c) Hasbro games...