1. F

    Hello I have just joined

    Hello my name Foxdragon and I have just joined this community. I have been an avid halo fan since halo first came out on the original xbox. hope to get to you all and play with you. My xbox gamertag is Kitsunedragon96 if you want to add me
  2. I

    Introduction Introduction

    I watched my brother play Halo CE and 2 as a kid and finally grew up to get a 360 and Halo 3 and spent my life on that game, I made friends, unlocked all achievements and armor, and got level 50 on Lone Wolves. By the time Halo 4 had come out I "out grew" video games and sold my 360. Well now...
  3. I

    Introduction Add LookedDisc4499, and let's play some Halo.

    I don't know what else you want. It's all there in the title.
  4. M

    Introduction Hi I'm masterwit

    About me: EST (US), but I play late 28, male My gamertag, reddit handle, forgehub handle, and others are also "masterwit" I play Halo 5 (forging, customs, and matchmaking on select lists) My job and play habits might see me take a few weeks break from XB1, gaming, and other Halo areas such as...
  5. kuibitd

    Introduction New member!

    Hi! I prefer to go by display name here, and my gamertag is I_Redacted_I. I play Halo 5 and tend to play either Warzone or Breakout. Outside of Halo, I like to code. I live in the USA for anyone who wants to play with me. Just remember, I only want to play with people who have mics.