1. TSK LoKoz

    Help me get my ability to post host ratings back.

    I left a review on Whoronavirus sand just said "shame" and he had that removed. So i then proceed to write a legit rating in which he has removed again. My second rating stated that he was using mods to make the game unfair towards other players. I.E Using mods for his own use. Apparently that...
  2. J

    Can i Download..

    Hey guys, very new here. Was just wondering if i can download custom games to my xbox for master chief collection? Please let me know. Thank you.
  3. ToaDrakua

    Teleporters, how do they work?

    Just as the title says, I'm having trouble with teleporters in Halo 5. I'm trying to make a Portal-inspired map but given how teleporting doesn't seem work as it did in previous Halo's, I need some help.
  4. W

    Introduction Hi looking to download maps/games for MCC

    Hi I'm Dev, only just found this site now, wish I had years ago. So can someone help me with finding out how to download the maps on this site for use in MCC? or even H3/Reach 360? much appreciated.