1. Ewingreach

    Introduction Obligatory Greetings

    Hello! I've been playing Halo for, probably, almost a decade. Sold my 360 years ago before building a gaming pc, and just bought an Xbox One a few months ago for Halo 5. I've not spoken to any of my few Xbox live friends for years, and they seem to have abandoned their accounts, so I've come...
  2. Thadius Faran

    Introduction Thadius Faran Novice Forger

    I'm Thadius and I do some forging here and there and occasionally play test them with people. Right now in fact I've got a map that I decided to finish back on 360 Halo 4 and if anyone wants to play it with me send me a message.
  3. Mr Jamieism

    Introduction Mandatory Hello

    Just like in any AA meeting, I shall stand up, introduce myself as Mr Jamieism (Mr J, Jamieson, Scottish Guy), and admit that I have a Halo problem. I am no stranger to some of you, but to everyone else I'd like to take the time to wish you all well and hope to play with you guys soon. You'll...
  4. Mr FancyBones

    Introduction Hey'o

    Hello, my name is Max. I like playing most types of games and liked Halo and the custome games the community makes since Halo 2. I've been forging since Halo 3, but never really got my maps or game types popular. You might of seen my work in Halo Reach as I made a Slender map when it was popular...
  5. W

    Introduction Hi looking to download maps/games for MCC

    Hi I'm Dev, only just found this site now, wish I had years ago. So can someone help me with finding out how to download the maps on this site for use in MCC? or even H3/Reach 360? much appreciated.
  6. C

    Introduction Hey

    Well let's see I have been a Halo fan since CE and I really enjoy infection games. I have made a couple of forge maps in Halo Reach. I enjoy it but I am not the greatest at making good maps.