halo ce

  1. LustSinTaboo

    PILLAR OF AUTUMN 2017-09-07

    The Pillar of Autumn scientists tried to find a cure for the flood, but they faild and now the flood is taking over the Pillar of Autumn. Destroy the flood! Save the ship and THE WORLD! This is a remake of the first Halo game, Halo: Combat Evolved, campaign. *** Credits: Co-forge: Iggy Game...
  2. SuperFlight89

    Reviving Halo MCC Rumble Pit (Customs)

    Hey guys, Recently a new playlist update to MCC was added weeks ago, and it replace rumble pit in favor of Halo 3 Grifball due to the low population on that playlist. It also was lacking a lot of game modes and Halo CE and 2 Classic. What this means is that I will be creating a community hosted...
  3. T

    Standard Outpost 04 2016-07-31

    On this map you'll find a burst of nostalgia. From the covenant camps complete with custom antennas (not made by me) classic covenant crates (made by me, and by that I mean I never looked up a tutorial or anything.) and shields. I find that this map plays smoothly at a medium pace. Even though...
  4. N3gat1veZer0

    Standard Atonement

    When remaking Damnation, I didn't want plane ol' purple blocks everywhere even though that's pretty much how the original was. I borrowed some styling from Halo Reach's Penance while keeping the original pathways the same. The map looks incredible. The map's padded weapons are a sniper and a...
  5. Vincent Torre

    Standard Rat Trap - Halo: CE Rat Race Remake

    Rat Trap Classic by Vincent Torre This is my 3rd attempt at recreating an iconic Halo: CE map. I like this one because it's relatively low complexity thus being a rather quick and fun build. It provides a good chance to learn the new controls of each forge and get a bit more comfortable. I...
  6. M

    Standard HCE Blood Gulch

    Gamertag: MasterKriff Map Name: HCE Blood Gulch "A faithful remake of Blood Gulch" -- It is set in a vast canyon containing two symmetrical bases (red/blue). Teleporters are on each roof of the bases which teleport to the center of the map. It is a huge open field with hills and ditches, caves...
  7. Vincent Torre

    Halo:CE OpenSauce - v3.1

    With Halo 2 Vista shutting down, fret not PC gamers, a new mod for Halo:CE is on the forefront. For those unfamiliar, these guys take Halo:CE down to the source code and unleash a wave of awesome. Check out what they have in store on the 20th: