halo ce

  1. M

    Halo CE pistol 1.2

    makes the gun automatic, fire rate similar to halo ce, increases ammo capacity, increases damage and hides the gun on ADS.
  2. SuperFlight89

    Reviving Halo MCC Rumble Pit (Customs)

    Hey guys, Recently a new playlist update to MCC was added weeks ago, and it replace rumble pit in favor of Halo 3 Grifball due to the low population on that playlist. It also was lacking a lot of game modes and Halo CE and 2 Classic. What this means is that I will be creating a community hosted...
  3. Vincent Torre

    Halo:CE OpenSauce - v3.1

    With Halo 2 Vista shutting down, fret not PC gamers, a new mod for Halo:CE is on the forefront. For those unfamiliar, these guys take Halo:CE down to the source code and unleash a wave of awesome. Check out what they have in store on the 20th: