halo ce

  1. M

    Halo CE pistol 1.2

    makes the gun automatic, fire rate similar to halo ce, increases ammo capacity, increases damage and hides the gun on ADS.
  2. LustSinTaboo

    PILLAR OF AUTUMN 2017-09-07

    The Pillar of Autumn scientists tried to find a cure for the flood, but they faild and now the flood is taking over the Pillar of Autumn. Destroy the flood! Save the ship and THE WORLD! This is a remake of the first Halo game, Halo: Combat Evolved, campaign. *** Credits: Co-forge: Iggy Game...
  3. SuperFlight89

    Reviving Halo MCC Rumble Pit (Customs)

    Hey guys, Recently a new playlist update to MCC was added weeks ago, and it replace rumble pit in favor of Halo 3 Grifball due to the low population on that playlist. It also was lacking a lot of game modes and Halo CE and 2 Classic. What this means is that I will be creating a community hosted...
  4. T

    Standard Outpost 04 2016-07-31

    On this map you'll find a burst of nostalgia. From the covenant camps complete with custom antennas (not made by me) classic covenant crates (made by me, and by that I mean I never looked up a tutorial or anything.) and shields. I find that this map plays smoothly at a medium pace. Even though...
  5. N3gat1veZer0

    Standard Atonement

    When remaking Damnation, I didn't want plane ol' purple blocks everywhere even though that's pretty much how the original was. I borrowed some styling from Halo Reach's Penance while keeping the original pathways the same. The map looks incredible. The map's padded weapons are a sniper and a...
  6. Vincent Torre

    Standard Rat Trap - Halo: CE Rat Race Remake

    Rat Trap Classic by Vincent Torre This is my 3rd attempt at recreating an iconic Halo: CE map. I like this one because it's relatively low complexity thus being a rather quick and fun build. It provides a good chance to learn the new controls of each forge and get a bit more comfortable. I...
  7. M

    Standard HCE Blood Gulch

    Gamertag: MasterKriff Map Name: HCE Blood Gulch "A faithful remake of Blood Gulch" -- It is set in a vast canyon containing two symmetrical bases (red/blue). Teleporters are on each roof of the bases which teleport to the center of the map. It is a huge open field with hills and ditches, caves...
  8. Vincent Torre

    Halo:CE OpenSauce - v3.1

    With Halo 2 Vista shutting down, fret not PC gamers, a new mod for Halo:CE is on the forefront. For those unfamiliar, these guys take Halo:CE down to the source code and unleash a wave of awesome. Check out what they have in store on the 20th: