1. Tedium

    We Have a Winner!

    Earlier today, the winner of our Gamermodz Controller Giveaway was picked at random, and announced. This winner will receive a real-life, really working, really awesome controller of the very design they submitted! And the winner is... So let's all give him an envious round of applause...
  2. Tedium

    A shotgun blast of St. Patrick's day giveaways!

    Top of the mornin', everyone! Hope you're having a lovely St. Patrick's day so far, but if not, we at Halo Customs have a few awesome surprises for you. Faith and Begorrah, this is going to be fun :D We've got 20 free armor codes to give away in this site-widely celebrated holiday, but we're...
  3. Insane54

    Free Controller Giveaway - Sponsored by GamerModz

    HaloCustoms in association with GamerModz is proud to announce a free customized modded controller giveaway! Free! Customized! Controller! Yeah!!! All you have to do to win is follow these simple steps: Go to Create-A-Controller on! Design a controller exactly how you want...