1. FujiwaraMokou

    Full Auto Scorpion Tank (Also scorpion cannon) 1.0

    On that day, the banished received a grim reminder. They lived in fear of the demon. Scorpion Tank Cannon but in Glorious Full Auto, enough for banishing all the banished in this ring with its 1200 round per minute. No firepower is too much, in case you ask. In addition, scorpion cannon are...
  2. Tedium

    12 Minutes of Destiny Gameplay

    Destiny E3 2013: 12 minute Gameplay "What does this have to do with Halo?" you may ask. "Get out." I respond. Here's the most recent and most in-depth demonstration of Destiny gameplay thus far. Be sure to stick it on 720p for that sweet, sweet next gen goodness. -