1. salsasandro

    Playroom Wooden Toys 2019-07-13

    A Mario Kart 8 inspired Racetrack Race through a Kid's chamber 24 Points to win and finish the Race. (3 Laps) Teleports Players in a Dead Zone and let them respawn to last Checkpoints should they dismount Vehicles. There are many scripts: 8 Checkpoints (uses Ducain23`s Race Script /...
  2. Stanstar22

    Halo Reach CG LFM

    Me and a few mates are hopping on custom games later at about 6PM GMT if you want to join in, add me x SwishHazard or Dj x LiiMiiTzZ on box and send us a message, we will invite you to the lobby when it's up. I have game modes such as Crash up derby and fat kid and more, if you have any more to...
  3. G

    Introduction Infection

    I'm a loser kill me and help me test maps
  4. TimeDipper

    Standard Dispelled 2.0

    Hi Halo Community, I am pleased to introduce my newest forge creation. Dispelled is a BTB map built from the ground up for the 'Meet Your Maker' Competition. The map is designed for BTB Slayer and BTB CTF with Assault Rifle & Magnum Starts. The Goal I wanted to make a map which combines all...
  5. ChewyNutCluster

    Bouncy House

    Hello, everyone! Most people don't know this, but when I was a little girl, I always asked my parents for a pink princess inflatable bouncy house to be set up every birthday and they never rented one for me. That constant denial of my request left a lingering hole in my heart that I just had...
  6. Real_Quickk

    Rock Roll

    The objective is to stay on top of the rock as it rolls down a hill. Stay on until the end to win! See if you can find the secret button! (Try not to stand too close to the rock when it respawns because it won't respawn) ***Be sure to select the strongholds game type before picking this one!***...
  7. Bad Company

    H2A Wild Goose Chase

    Wild Goose Chase by the one and only BC!! This minigame is about holding the hill for the longest time (without occupation) and occupying others' hills, so that they don't rack more points The Spawn This where it all begins, the player must get into a mongoose as quickly as possible, or...
  8. ToaDrakua


    While scouting parts of the galaxy both known and unknown, the UNSC came across this lone Forerunner power station orbiting the blue giant Bellatrix in the Orion cluster. Initial scans of the derelict's exterior hull proved to spark interest amongst Grifball enthusiasts on board, as one of the...
  9. T

    Standard Departed

    Hello, and welcome to my first Halo 5 map. I began departed the day Forge dropped and have been working on it since. This 5-6 week project has been an amazing experience for me. I always felt limited by the tools given to us forgers in past games but with this forge in Halo 5 I was able to...
  10. ChewyNutCluster


    Hello, everyone! I'm back with my second Halo 5 minigame: Reaper! Map name: Reaper Gametype name: Reaper The objective of this horror themed minigame is simple: One red player controls the reaper, a spooky hazard suit with some scripting goodness, and the rest of the players (all on blue team)...
  11. R

    Introduction Hello!

    What's up people I'm new here and was looking to have some fun in custom games. If you need more players just message me my gamertag is ReVoLTxCAMO.
  12. ChewyNutCluster

    Turf War

    Hello, Halo Customs! I'm back with my very first Halo 5 minigame! I've probably put more work into this map than any other I've created, so here it is: Map: Turf War Gametype: Turf War Objective: This minigame is based in the Neutral Flag gametype and is team based (Red vs Blue). Many have...
  13. H

    Introduction Looking for friends to test forged maps

    Anybody interested in testing out some maps let me know
  14. x teddypain x


    You'll spawn next to a warthog, hop in it, and drop into the center. Keep your speed going and knock players into the center. The more players the more fun, best of 5 rounds. One person per team. GT: x TeddyPain x Download from my file share
  15. A

    Introduction Looking for "Super Phun Thyme"

    Sup Gang, Gamertag is (A7eh). been playing Halo since it came out and I always wanted to join a crew, gang, group, community... call it what you call it; just wanna have fun with people who want to be the best but also have fun. You guys are awesome ;)