1. Stanstar22

    Halo Reach CG LFM

    Me and a few mates are hopping on custom games later at about 6PM GMT if you want to join in, add me x SwishHazard or Dj x LiiMiiTzZ on box and send us a message, we will invite you to the lobby when it's up. I have game modes such as Crash up derby and fat kid and more, if you have any more to...
  2. G

    Introduction Infection

    I'm a loser kill me and help me test maps
  3. Bad Company

    H2A Wild Goose Chase

    Wild Goose Chase by the one and only BC!! This minigame is about holding the hill for the longest time (without occupation) and occupying others' hills, so that they don't rack more points The Spawn This where it all begins, the player must get into a mongoose as quickly as possible, or...
  4. R

    Introduction Hello!

    What's up people I'm new here and was looking to have some fun in custom games. If you need more players just message me my gamertag is ReVoLTxCAMO.
  5. H

    Introduction Looking for friends to test forged maps

    Anybody interested in testing out some maps let me know
  6. A

    Introduction Looking for "Super Phun Thyme"

    Sup Gang, Gamertag is (A7eh). been playing Halo since it came out and I always wanted to join a crew, gang, group, community... call it what you call it; just wanna have fun with people who want to be the best but also have fun. You guys are awesome ;)