1. CHa0s

    Headhunter Classic on HH Monolith 2020-07-20

    Headhunter Classic is a true-to-the original remake of the gametype found in Halo: Reach. Co-scripted by AddiCt3d 2CHa0s and Yumudas Beegbut, this version is installed on a Halo 3 Monolith remake map by AddiCt3d 2CHa0s. Features exploding skulls on kills, and roaming score hills that show you...
  2. Faulk Smash

    H3 Teacher on Classroom

  3. AnonFriction

    Classic Modes Return!

    Hey Guys, I just wanted to let everyone know Oddball, KotH, and Rocket Race have been updated! There are prefabs available in my fileshare for both if you want to set them up on your maps, but I've also set them up on all Halo 5 Arena maps to be playable! I JUST WANNA PLAY! -For Oddball...
  4. WyvernZu

    Infusion b_02

  5. TimeDipper

    Standard Dispelled 2.0

    Hi Halo Community, I am pleased to introduce my newest forge creation. Dispelled is a BTB map built from the ground up for the 'Meet Your Maker' Competition. The map is designed for BTB Slayer and BTB CTF with Assault Rifle & Magnum Starts. The Goal I wanted to make a map which combines all...
  6. Bad Company

    H2A Wild Goose Chase

    Wild Goose Chase by the one and only BC!! This minigame is about holding the hill for the longest time (without occupation) and occupying others' hills, so that they don't rack more points The Spawn This where it all begins, the player must get into a mongoose as quickly as possible, or...
  7. F


    Instant classic breakout map, designed to be perfectly mirrored.
  8. iKampfer

    Castle Wars

    Both teams spawn with Energy Swords and have to run into the enemy castle and be able to grab the flag and bring it back to their castle. There are 2 mongooses, 1 Gravity Hammer, and 2 Plasma Grenades in each castle as well as a Man Cannon at the very top of each castle, you can use them to get...
  9. Psychoduck

    Foundry Remake!

    Hello everyone, Most of us remember the old days, the days when there were no fancy-shmancy coordinates. We had two crates, two crates and a barrel for a whole platoon! And we had to share the barrel! Back in these days, maps needed moar interl0x, and making even the simplest map was a struggle...