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    Master Ace VP's *HALO 5 MAPS*

    Welcome I am Master Ace VP... I am here to keep you up to date on all my HALO 5 Map Creations... MAP PORTFOLIO Description: This is where you will find photos of my older maps that I made on Far Cry games and Halo... So you can see some of my work from the past... Minecaft Builds Xbox 360...
  2. Ace VP

    Mega-Wishlist for Halo 5 Forge Option & More

    I am starting this post for everything you would love to see in the FORGE for HALO 5 for everyone to respond to... Let's fill up this post on everything H5 Forge we would like to see Options, Item / Placeables, etc... Something that if :343:i see they would know what the community wants...