The Village

H2A The Village

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Canvas
Awash (H2A)
Supported Infection Gametypes
  1. Free Roam Infection
  2. Holdout Infection
Custom Gametype Name
Village People
The Village is an open-world infection map made to work with my gametype, Holdout. As the title indicates, The Village is themed to resemble a quaint 18th century village complete with a farmhouse, barn, crops, greenhouse, stables, graveyard, gallows, and a church. The infected and the humans spawn on opposite ends of the map. Humans are permitted to explore the entire map but do not have the ability to jump, thus leaving the tops of the structures to be traversed solely by the infected.

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Foxy Papa Smurf, Pillar of Autumn, Easy
Foxy Papa Smurf
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