Plasma Ghost

H2A Plasma Ghost

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Nebula (H2A)
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Plasma Ghost
Plasma Ghost is a mini-game made for 8-16 players. That is, if your lobby can handle 8-16 players. As a human, the objective couldn't be more simple. You must get into your ghost and dodge as many grenades as you can. As a zombie the objective is still simple. You must pick up as many grenades as you can through. But because of the lack of grenade regeneration in H2A, you have to walk around picking up grenades that respawn immediately. As more and more humans become infected, more and more grenades make their way up to the lucky ones. Use either the Infection or KOTH gametypes named Plasma Ghost in my fileshare.

Steps to get to my fileshare:

1. Go to leaderboards
2. Go to Campaign Timing
3. Select Halo 3
4. Difficulty: Easy
5. Tsavo Highway
6. Scroll down to number 437 (PLGGS)

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