Pillar of Autumn

H2A Pillar of Autumn

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Canvas
Nebula (H2A)
Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Slayer
  2. Team Slayer
  3. Multi Flag CTF
  4. One Flag CTF
  5. Neutral Flag CTF
  6. Multi Bomb Assault
  7. One Bomb Assault
  8. Neutral Bomb Assault
  9. Ricochet
  10. Juggernaut
  11. King of the Hill
  12. Regicide
  13. SWAT
  14. Custom Gametype
Custom Gametype Name
A campaign level remake made into a huge cluttered multiplayer map (supports all game-type's except race, could not add race due to out of budget)
Can be played with max players, not recommended but it works apparently.

Fri_Mar_20_00-32-00_EDT_2015.png Fri_Mar_20_00-31-37_EDT_2015.png Fri_Mar_20_00-31-06_EDT_2015.png Fri_Mar_20_00-30-44_EDT_2015.png Fri_Mar_20_00-30-24_EDT_2015.png Fri_Mar_20_00-29-51_EDT_2015.png Fri_Mar_20_00-29-26_EDT_2015.png Fri_Mar_20_00-27-28_EDT_2015.png Fri_Mar_20_00-36-05_EDT_2015.png Fri_Mar_20_00-35-46_EDT_2015.png Fri_Mar_20_00-35-24_EDT_2015.png Fri_Mar_20_00-35-04_EDT_2015.png Fri_Mar_20_00-34-43_EDT_2015.png Fri_Mar_20_00-34-22_EDT_2015.png Fri_Mar_20_00-32-57_EDT_2015.png
For infection, the survivor's goal is to fight there way into the bridge, (where captain keys is at in the campaign) [Note this is where the zombies spawn] Crawl into a little slim tunnel
[Near the
switch in the bridge]

Fri_Mar_20_00-33-56_EDT_2015.png Fri_Mar_20_00-33-17_EDT_2015.png Fri_Mar_20_00-33-34_EDT_2015.png Fri_Mar_20_00-32-34_EDT_2015.png Fri_Mar_20_00-32-19_EDT_2015.png

which leads the player into a safe haven when jumping into the hole in the slim tunnel, survivor's then defend off from there.
To download:

1) Add my Gamertag,
2) Hit the Menu button
3) Go to
4) Go to Campaign Timing or Scoring
5) Go to Halo CE Anniversary
6) Switch it to Easy Difficulty and keep it on Solo
7) Press “X” till you select “Displaying: Friends
8) Select the level “
The Pillar Of Autumn
9) Find,
MaxMatt753 and Download the Map!

Enjoy the map!

Fri_Mar_20_00-26-54_EDT_2015.png Fri_Mar_20_00-26-34_EDT_2015.png Fri_Mar_20_00-24-32_EDT_2015.png
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