H2A Overwatch

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Canvas
Awash (H2A)
Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Slayer
  2. Team Slayer
  3. One Flag CTF
  4. Juggernaut
  5. King of the Hill

By Squally DaBeanz

"Long abandoned, this facility served as a UNSC command post during the invasion of New Mombasa."

Overwatch is a small asymmetrical industrial styled map that is loosely inspired by the Destiny map "Twilight Gap". The map is divided into two main rooms and two main outdoor sections, with a central "spine" going down the middle of the map. The interior end of the spine holds the rocket launcher, while the sniper is located at the outside end. Red team spawns just outside the warehouse area, while blue spawns just outside the centrifuge room. The map has several smaller rooms and connections between everything, and rewards players for strong flanks and acrobatic skills, while still offering plenty of opportunity for longer range engagements.

Squally DaBeanz
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