Mongoose Sumo

H2A Mongoose Sumo

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Canvas
Skyward (H2A)
Custom Gametype Name
In this minigame players must avoid falling the stage, but to make things interesting the stage becomes progressively smaller every 15 seconds. There are 5 rounds lasting 2 minutes each, and a teleporter will spawn in 30 seconds into each round enforcing a vehicles-only rule so you can't get off your mongoose or flip it over. The last player on the stage in their mongoose is awarded with a point and wins the round. Each ring is a different color and will disappear according to this schedule: cyan at 1:45, orange at 1:30, purple at 1:15, green at 1:00, gold at 0:45, blue at 0:30, and the red does not disappear. The game is free for all by default, but it is also a lot of fun if you enable teams. See the video below for some good gameplay.

Campaign leaderboards, campaign scoring, Halo 3, Sierra, Heroic, Friends, Co-op, 17088

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Can't stop laughing. But it's real sport. Control is very chanllenging and strategy is needed.