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H2A Le Muskets

Today I am bringing a gametype back that myself and Confused Flamingo made in Reach.

Muskets is a simple slayer variant using the shotgun on very high damage. The weapon damage and damage resistance is changed so that the shotgun
operates as a medium range one-shot weapon. Players also spawn with one
frag grenade that can almost assure an epic long range kill if used
correctly (much like a grenade in Halo 5's Breakout).

Here's a video of the old Halo 4 version to give you a sense of what it'll be like in H2A
Muskets plays well with most maps and player amounts. There are currently 3 variants of the Muskets settings:

Le Muskets - Classic FFA Muskets to 25 kills

Le Musketeers - Team Muskets to 50 kills

Musketman - Juggernaut where the juggernaut has Muskets settings. Goes to 15 kills.

It can be downloaded by going to the campaign speedrun leaderboards for the Halo 2 level "Uprising", and finding my gamertag.
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