H2A Jurassic

Minimum Players
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Forge Canvas
Awash (H2A)
Supported Race Gametypes
I have always loved dinosaurs, so I decided to make a map featuring a few. This was my first racetrack in Halo: MCC and you can expect a lot more themed maps in the future

How to Download:
1) Add ducain23 on Xbox One
2) Go to Leaderboards
3) Go to Campaign Timing
4) Go to Halo 2 Anniversary
5) Any Level on Easy Difficulty
6) Find My Name and Download Map

Starting area with a T-Rex:

First Jump:

Second Jump Off The Cliff:

Driving by an Apatosaurus:

Jumping past the Stegosaurus:

Driving into the cave:

Inside the cave there is a split path. You can take the shorter path to the left, but it is a bit more difficult:

Outside the exit of the cave you can see that if you drive the shortcut perfectly, you can get a bit of a lead:

Last few jumps before the finish line:

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