Hybrid Slayer

Hybrid Slayer 1.4

Fixing broken links, images, etc.
New features!

  • Armor Mods/Custom Traits can now be applied to any Armor Ability in Forge.
    (apply "hs_ability_mod" label on abilities, use spawn sequence "1 to 5" for armor mods,
    or "-1 to -3" for custom traits)
  • When dropped, Armor Abilities delete after 3 minutes.
    (only preset mod/trait abilities drop)
  • User options added:
    * Armor Mod Toggle - Set the Abilities Mods/Traits to Preset or Custom.
    * Bro Traits Mode - Choose which standard Armor Mods players may share.
    (allow all mods, or exclude Explosives/Ammo)
    * Enhanced Killfeed - Enable this option to show more details on how a player was killed.
  • User Option: Bro Radius changed to "Bro Traits Range".
  • "Mods Active" and "Mod Link" widgets changed, now displayed as:
    <<< MODS ACTIVE >>>
    >>>>> MOD LINK <<<<<
  • Improvements to code for some main features to reduce performance issues.
  • New feature added (optional): Players drop abilities when killed.
  • Changed Gold Team to Orange Team.
  • Arcade Mode/Traits removed.
  • FFA Mode added, "Enable/Disable Teams" option now available.
  • Forced Grey Armour colour on all players in FFA mode.
  • Changes to Ability secondary colours.
  • Fixed Tournament/Ability Traits: Tournament Traits now show all available options instead of Ability Traits.

V1.0.1 release note
  • HUD widget added to display "\\\\\ MOD LINK /////" on teammates within a Bro Trait boundary.
  • HUD widget added to display "//// POWER ABILITY ////" on players carrying PV, JP, or AC.

V1.1 release note
  • Added Multi-team Support. (Gold & Green Teams now also available)
  • "Enable/Disable Teams" option hidden, "Teams Enabled" now forced.
  • Changes to "Arcade Mode" base traits.