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"Combining the traditional arena-style gameplay from older titles, with some new elements available in Halo 4, this is where the best of both worlds come together."

In Hybrid, players start off with basic weapons & equipment, similar to traditional arena shooters. Each ability grants the player a unique Armour Mod (perk) when equipped, and there's also an element of VIP included, commonly referred to as "Bro traits", to provide an interesting way to play. When bro traits are enabled, players can share armor mods with teammates at any time, within a set range.

You can even apply your own trait sets to certain AAs in the gametype options player trait menu, for further experimentation.

There are some visual aids present in Hybrid, which help identify what ability, mod or traits a player has... both to the individuals, as well as their opponent(s)/teammate(s). This helps players predict the outcome of a fight much sooner than it happens, and provides an opportunity to form a strategy.

Preset Ability Mod/Traits Diagram

Custom Ability Mod/Traits Diagram

Compatible Maps:

Haven (Arena)
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  1. V1.4 release notes

    New features! Armor Mods/Custom Traits can now be applied to any Armor Ability in Forge...
  2. V1.3.1 release notes

    Fixed host chud msg.
  3. V1.3 release notes

    Improvements to code for some main features to reduce performance issues. New feature added...

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Very fun! So great, I made a video about it :D