H2A Houdini

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Canvas
Skyward (H2A)
Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Slayer
  2. Team Slayer
  3. Juggernaut
  4. VIP
  5. Custom Gametype
Custom Gametype Name
1v1 Smackdown

*NOTE: Not All above screenshots are representative of the most current version of the map. New and dramatic visual touches have been added throughout in Version 2.4+

Originating from a map layout I had sitting among my sketches for years, Houdini has finally come to light and is a fantastic fit for the Halo 2 Anniversary Sandbox. The One versus One Arena is a sacred place where power balance is essential to a fair showdown. With Houdini the focus primarily on a more confined and flowing map; where sightlines are definite and weapon/ power up selection has to be carefully timed. Throughout my years of Forging I have always strove for dynamic yet focused combat scenarios with my maps and Houdini is no exception.

Houdini Halo FINAL.jpg

Case and point the dual power ups create a more strategic flow to power ups. With Active Camo at start and on a much shorter timer I decided to place it up high in an easily seen position which requires navigational prowess to reach and use effectively. Risky Indeed. While on the other hand Overshield is purposely few and far between dead set in the middle of the map, right in line with a balcony nesting the Bruteshot and Plasma Pistols on the flanks; which either could easily render that Overshield null. Pushing for either Power Up has a B risk vs reward in place.
Houdini Banner v2.4.jpg

Another standout dynamic in place is the "criss cross teleportation setup" leading from either base on the second floor up to the third floor on the opposite side. Imagine if you will an X with the two way teleporters taking you diagonally across the map. This set up can lead to some truly strategic 1v1 firefights and games of hide and seek Houdini!

To be able to share this map with the rest of this wonderful community is truly a pleasure. Love it or hate it? Feel free to leave YOUR FEEDBACK as there is always room for improvment. Most importantly please enjoy my gift to you all and have fun laying the smackdown on eachother!

List of Weaponry/ Overhead Layout

Power Weapons/Power Ups

1x Brute Shot - 60sec. No Spare

Active Camoflauge - 90sec. At Start

Overshield - 180sec. Not at Start

Skill Weapons

1x Sniper Rifle - 90sec. No Spare

4x Battle Rifle - 40sec. Default

2x Plasma Pistol - 30sec. Default

General Use Weapons/Grenades

2x Silenced SMG - 60sec. No Spare

2x Magnum - 30sec. Default

1x Assault Rifle 90sec. No Spare

4x Frag Grenade 15sec. // 4x Plasma Grenade 15sec.

Tether. Weapon Layout.jpg

Forge On!

GamerTag: CaptainHotDaddy

Special thanks to DASTARDLYDAWSON for his continued support in testing and design.
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