Hornet's Nest

H2A Hornet's Nest

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Canvas
Skyward (H2A)
Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Multi Flag CTF
  2. One Flag CTF
  3. Neutral Flag CTF
Hornet's Nest is my submission to the "Meet Your Maker Forge Contest", It is actually a symmetrical map, but with it disconnected and designed to be traversed by the Hornets, then symmetry does not really show up much.

Designed to be different than most all the ground based CTF Games, primarily by the use of Hornets instead of Warthogs. It has been designed to support Squad CTF, Mutiflag CTF and Neutral Flag.

The Neutral Flag is on the floating island in the center of the two bases. Each of the bases have two Hornets per base. This will allow three to fly on one, while two provide cover for the first Hornet.

This creates a need for teamwork just to aquire the flag, as well as getting it back to the base. On traditional CTF maps, being based on the ground you have the option, though it may be feudal, to walk back to capture the flag. On Hornet's Nest, you can't walk home...

The map is on my fileshare, Gamertag : Shadowcat AZ

View of the back of Red Base

View of the front of Red Base.

Center floating island where Neutral Flag is

The front of Blue Base

The back of Blue Base.
Shadowcat AZ
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