Hockey by Turb

H2A Hockey by Turb

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Hockey by Turb
This is my re-creation of the Ice Hockey sport. The gameplay is very similar to Soccer as players need to work together to get good opportunities for shots at the opponent's goal. The first player on each team to enter the teleporter at the beginning of the round will become the goalie for the match. Once a goalie is selected the rest of the players gain access to the playing area (fancy scripting in the mix here). Players are very fast but they cannot jump and the only player that can die is the ball carrier. Two melee hits will kill the ball carrier, so if you get the ball you need to pass, shoot, or throw the ball in front of you to move faster. When there is 1 minute left in the 10 minute game, goalies are given the option to exit the goal and do a Power Play against the enemies to try and catch up. This will leave the goal wide open if you leave. See the video below for some good gameplay.

Campaign leaderboards, campaign scoring, Halo 3, Sierra, Heroic, Friends, Co-op, 17088

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