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H2A Hide N' Seek

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Nebula (H2A)
Supported Infection Gametypes
  1. Other
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Hide N' Seek
You and your crew are in deep space when you receive mysterious cargo. They are coming. Do not fight, your only options are to either run or hide.
Welcome to Hide N' Seek! This infection map introduces several clever ways to hide from the infected! Use smarts and cunning to evade the zombie! Survivors get one point for every second they survive and zombies get several points for killing survivors. This map plays well with any number of people but if you exceed an 8 person game I would recommend that you bump up the initial zombie count to two players.
This has been one of my favorite infection maps to create and anyone interested in a fun, yet terrifying map should not pass this map up! You can download this map from my file share. My gamer tag is Chicken Forger.
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Chicken Forger
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