Halosix Siege: Shore House

H2A Halosix Siege: Shore House

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Inspired by Mr Pokephile's working C4 tutorial, Halosix Siege combines the use of scripted C4, deployable pallet barricades, opening and closing windows, and a heavily modified territories gametype to create an experience similar to what we have seen from the upcoming Rainbowsix Siege.

Players have 1 life per round and 3 classes to choose from. Rounds are 4 minutes long. Defenders have about 30 seconds to prepare, and are forced to stay inside the house. Attackers have 3 deployment options (via tele): drop from an air vehicle onto the roof, move through the sewers and attack from below, or move in from the front from a cargo boat.

Of course, these three options are just examples. There are 6 C4 entry points, 2 hackable doors, and pallets to smash.

Because of the nature of the gametype, only the attacking team can score, and the gamemode actually has 2 lives per player, but spawn time is 3 minutes, so unless you die within the first 20 seconds of your deployment you will not die twice, but thats not the issue. The problem is that if the defenders wipe out all attackers before the time limit, they must wait for the round to finish (only 4 minute rounds). This was done to prevent players dying twice, skewing their KD.

Map and gametype on my fileshare. Gametype required for map to function.

I will have a high quality gameplay video linked here within a couple of days, but for now enjoy these low quality pics!


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