Extremeeee wind tunnel!

H2A Extremeeee wind tunnel!

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Awash (H2A)
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Extreme wind tunnel
Hi im kicbutix and I created a map inspired by the halo reach map, avalanche and others that I can't think of . . .

The map is designed for 2-16 players but im afraid that the game may lag with larger lobbies.

The game is designed to be hectic, challenging, and most of all, fun.

Its simple, run across the wind tunnel while dodging flying objects and bring back the enemy flag.

a stand still of the map does not do it justice so its better to just download the map. =)

Where to find me:
1. go to leaderboards
2. go to halo 3 timed leaderboards
3. navigate to halo 3: The Storm, on easy difficulty
4. at the time of posting this I have the rank 3 time.
5. select my gamertag (Kicbutix) and go to my file share.
6. download the map

You probably already knew how to do that but whatever....

Enjoy, KB
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