H2A Encrypted

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Canvas
Skyward (H2A)
Custom Gametype Name
Temple Run
I try my hand at arguably the most intricate style of forging, puzzle maps! This is my first puzzle map and since it was so time consuming to make, it very well be my last, depending on how popular it becomes.

I took inspiration from a few other forgers out there as well as some of my own unique ideas. Basically every gadget and scripting element available in the H2A forge pallet is used.

The map has one objective, to get to the end and claim your prize. To really be effective, I would highly recommend you download (along with the map) my custom gametype named "Temple Run" to get the best experience from the puzzle. Also, the puzzle requires 2 people to finish. YOU CANNOT DO IT ALONE.

The first video is a review of the map, the second one is the solution. I'd recommend giving it a try before viewing the solution.

Puzzle Preview:

Puzzle Solution:

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