[Oct 12, 2017] The Thursday 13, Customs/Testing Lobby - Halo 5 (XONE)

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Starts: Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 09:00 PM
Ends: Friday, October 13, 2017 - 12:00 AM
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    1. Ascend Hyperion

      Oct 7, 2017
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      The Thursday Thirteen
      Start Time:
      8pm Central Standard Time
      Twitch: Ascend_Hyperion
      XBL Gamertag: Ascend Hyperion
      Xbox Club: The Thursday 13 Customs Lobby
      [Map Feedback Archive]

      What Do We Test?

      - BTB -
      - Infection -
      - Mini-Games -
      - Non-Standard Team Size Maps -
      (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 5v5, 6v6, 7v7)
      - Core Maps -

      How The Lobby Works
      Each week, up to 13 different maps will be tested. The tests will be live streamed via Twitch on my account. The maps will be submitted to this thread using the given format below. Once all the submissions for the week have been received, an official list will be released as well as the play order for the stream. In the event that the map cap has not been reached, I may allow impromptu tests to fill spots.

      We will start with the larger stuff first and then wok our way down. Player count will be given priority in this order, 16>12>10>8>6>4>2.

      After each test, the lobby will provide feedback for the author. It is recommended that the author attend the test so they may receive feedback in real time. If they cannot play in-game, watching the stream is a good alternative. Feedback is also recorded on the map archive and can be accessed using the link provided above.

      Rules and Requests

      -Those in the lobby must be able to provide constructive feedback
      -No excessive raging
      -A Mic is preferred
      -If you must leave the lobby, it is appreciated if you can find a replacement before hand or give some warning first
      -Only one submission per person per week unless you speak with me ahead of time​

      How To Submit

      Submitting a map is simple! Just post the information for your map using the format below:

      Map Name:
      Gametype Requested and Player Count:
      Short description:
      Link to Map:
      Gametype Link (If needed):

      The Xbox Club
      The lobby has it's own Xbox Club titled, The Thursday 13 Customs Lobby. This is the best platform to communicate, share and meet up with other Thursday 13 players. I post news inside the club in addition to other things. Club members are given priority invites when the lobby is starting up as well. To join in, you can request an invite from the club page or have any current member invite you. Come join in on the fun!

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