1. japoople

    Reach ROCKETS VS. CARS v2

    Fileshare gamertag: japoople8023 This map/gametype is based on an old GTA 5 online minigame i used to play back in the day. Two zombies with energy swords spawn in a room with vehicles (Warthogs, Mongooses, trucks, one cart). The zombies drive down a slope towards a small platform with all the...
  2. B

    Reach ZM_Resurgence 2 1.1.0

    You got lucky last night. You happened to crash land at an ONI base of all places. Nice wide open sight lines, plenty of ammunition to go around, and to top it all off there was a Pelican, untouched, waiting for you to make your escape. Now you find yourself at this resort. Ammo is scarce, the...