1. N3gat1veZer0

    Standard Resolute

    This is Resolute, my favorite map in Halo 5 I've forged. It's a covenant themed asymmetrical map set in a cave. I decided to mimic Halo 3's Assembly style of covenant when making this map. The pinker side of the Covenant is one I haven't seen in forge maps yet. The map is multi-layered and...
  2. Yo5hii

    Standard Station 42

    Station 42: the old abandoned orbital platform in the Psi Serpentis system. Now its docking station is used as a FFA training ground for Spartan IVs by the UNSC. Sporting a fast paced, smaller map, with a large vertical aspect. Multiple levels, four in the "basement" and two in the "atrium". In...