1. LustSinTaboo


    Each factions has their own specific base, weapons and vehicles wich they will use in order to protect the flag and capture the enemy one OR to kill the enemy teams. UNSC Forerunner Covenant. Flood THE WHOLE MAP
  2. LustSinTaboo

    CASTLE MADNESS CTF 2017-08-21

    The red castle represents the UNSC and the blue represents the Covenant, each one have in the armory weapon pads with specific weapons and on top they have specific air vehicles in order to protect their flags. At the center of the map there is a super weapon, whoever gets there first is getting...
  3. LustSinTaboo

    FACTIONS BATTLE CTF 2017-08-21

    Each faction of the Halo universe: UNSC, Covenant, Flood and Forerunner are fighting with each other using specific weapons and vehicles in order to protect the flag or to kill the enemy teams. UNSC Covenant Forerunner Flood THE WHOLE MAP
  4. Squally DaBeanz

    Echelon 2017-06-27

    Echelon By Squally DaBeanz "Many colonial facilities doubled as UNSC forward operating bases during the height of the war with the Covenant." Echelon is a small asymmetrical 4v4 map set alongside a dam inside of a canyon. The map consists of a high side and a low side on the exterior, with...
  5. Squally DaBeanz

    UNSC Charon Class Frigate 2017-06-01

    I decided to build an actual size Charon Class frigate in forge. There are invisible blocks above the ship as "anchor points" that can be used to manipulate the ship one section at a time. This is to avoid the shifting that happens when too many objects are grouped together.
  6. Skyward Shoe

    Aerie 1.0

    Aerie is a 4v4 Strongholds map set on a small island in the Pacific Northwest. The layout is asymmetrical and wraps around a central atrium, with the strongholds surrounding it on three sides. Pickups: Binary Rifle Plasma Caster Scattershot Overshield Plasma Pistol Brute Plasma Rifle (2)...
  7. GreyMuffinBass

    BUFF BANSHEE - Flyable Pre-Fab Vehicle

    Halo Fan Lore: The Sangheili have discovered an ancient cloaking device that was accidentally dropped during a raid on a rogue settlement of Promethians. The tech has been reverse engineered by the greatest minds in Sangheilios; and is now fully incorporated into the Eidolon's advanced spec...
  8. GuiltySpark

    UNSC Training

    A training/warm up map for all halo 5 multiplayer. Use this for your disposal in perfecting your shot and working together with your team. Map Layout There are 4 rooms in this training map -Home Room (Green Team) -Core Room (Red and Blue Team) -Gun Range (Green Team) -Parkour Room (Yellow...