1. salsasandro

    Playroom Wooden Toys 2019-07-13

    A Mario Kart 8 inspired Racetrack Race through a Kid's chamber 24 Points to win and finish the Race. (3 Laps) Teleports Players in a Dead Zone and let them respawn to last Checkpoints should they dismount Vehicles. There are many scripts: 8 Checkpoints (uses Ducain23`s Race Script /...
  2. GreyMuffinBass

    Standard Toys Fight at Night 2016-07-22

    When the new update with all the new pieces we could use came out, I was so excited to work on this project again, that I had to calm down and think about how to use what I was allowed. So, I got to thinking about all the problems this map had; extremely large areas that were challenging to...