team tac

  1. xDangles25x

    Reach Team Tac: Hamada 2021-06-29

    A new team tac map on tempest. Nearly symmetrical on both sides. Many rocks were used for cover. This map is unique because it doesn't have a lot of elevations.
  2. xDangles25x

    Reach Team Tac: Canyon 2021-06-17

    A close quarters team tac map on Battle Canyon. AR's only, one life per round and no shields. There are medpac's throughout the map and lots of cover to use to your advantage. Work as a team to win.
  3. xDangles25x

    Reach Team Tac: Wild West 2021-05-23

    My first attempt at a core slayer map. Made to use with the Team Tac gametype. AR's only with one life per round and no shields. Use cover and teamwork to take out the other team. There are medpac's hidden around the map to replenish your health. Enjoy!