team slayer

  1. redlumas2

    Doing a Halo 2 Team Slayer Custom Game on Lockout

    i feel like nobody plays Halo 2 so i wanted to make this pls join :D
  2. Strepto

    Reach Vault of Glass PvP

    Download via File Share: XxUltimatePwnxX (Best played with TU Crazy King with a max of 8 players) Vault of Glass boss encounter from Destiny 2 re-worked as a multiplayer map for Halo: Reach. Supports Slayer, Team Slayer and King of the Hill. Rather than making a 1:1 remake of the final room...
  3. icyhotspartin

    Hells' Bells 2.5

    Just dipping my feet in this forum, the original posting for this map went live on Forgehub back in early November, I think. Click the link to see my notes on it from back then, and give it a whirl. Yes, I know the terrain is a little sloppy and there are some holes that need patching up here...
  4. Hojnackii

    Colossus 2017-05-08

    Gametypes: Capture The Flag, Slayer, Free-For-All (max 6 players) Players: Minimun 2 to 8 Maximum Power-Ups: Camouflage (2 Min) Weapons: 2 Weapon Pad (Standard Rocket Launcher) & ( Standard Sniper Rifle) 3 min x2 Battle Rifle (Standard) (40 Seconds) x2 Light Rifle (Standard)(40 Seconds) x2...
  5. Chronmeister

    Standard Chron's Keep 1.0

    Chron's Keep Players: 4-8 Gametypes: Slayer, Strongholds Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Hydra, Shotgun, Plasma Pistol, Battle Rifle x2, SMG x2, 4 Frags, 2 Splinters, 2 Plasmas Powerups: Overshield Chron's Keep is a small asymmetrical arena map. The layout consists of a central tower that connects to...
  6. Hojnackii


    Gametypes: Standard Assault, Capture The Flag, Strongholds, Slayer, Free-For-All Players: Minimun 2 to 8 Maximum Power-Ups: Oversheald (2 Min) Weapons: 1 Weapon Pad (Fuel Rod Cannon) 3 min x2 DMR (2 min) x2 Halo 2 BR (2 min) x2 SMG (2 min) x1 Plasma Pistol (2 min) x8 UNSC Grenades (2 Min) x4...