1. Squally DaBeanz

    Concourse 2017-09-05

    Concourse By Squally DaBeanz "All aboard the pain train!" Concourse is an inverse symmetrical 4v4 map based in a neon-lit metro station. The map consists of the two bases at either end, the two main atriums in the middle, and various connection between. There are three train tracks running...
  2. AceOfSpades

    Standard Tremont Square 2016-05-02

    Tremont Square started out as a simple platform that is what is now top mid called "ciudad" and I suppose I just went into forging the map knowing I wanted to create an immersive urban environment. I didn't want to create something that represented a more fictional city, but rather something...
  3. Toastman

    Standard SUB-SYSTEM

    This map is my go to template when establishing myself with the newest iteration of Forge. I first made it for Reach and it was far and away my most popular map. The map is an underground subway that has red base facing blue base with 2 subway trams in between them. The 2 upper platforms...