1. Lost Pinecone

    Shipwreck on Skull Isle

    A Squid Loaf and DEATH WEAPONxx present: Shipwrecked on Skull Isle Description: A fun, user-friendly puzzle map that will appeal to newcomers and seasoned sleuths alike. Gather supplies for survival and uncover secrets in this grand adventure for 1-3 players. Will you survive long enough to...
  2. Lost Pinecone

    The Temple of Secrets

    From the depths of an ancient temple, a priceless artifact calls out, daring you to find it. The artifact has many names, in many languages, but it is most commonly known as: The Whale of Victory. Explore the temple: and solve puzzle after puzzle: Map Info: Name: The Temple...
  3. Lost Pinecone

    Dr. Tim's Time Machine

    STORY- Time travel is old news to the brilliant scientist Dr. Tim, he's moved on to his next project, this thing: Unfortunately, a future version of himself has dismantled the device and hidden it's 3 parts. And to make matters worse, Future Dr. Tim also hid the keys to the cabinet where...