1. FujiwaraMokou

    Full Auto Scorpion Tank (Also scorpion cannon) 1.0

    On that day, the banished received a grim reminder. They lived in fear of the demon. Scorpion Tank Cannon but in Glorious Full Auto, enough for banishing all the banished in this ring with its 1200 round per minute. No firepower is too much, in case you ask. In addition, scorpion cannon are...
  2. an Orca Dork

    HyperStrike Scorpion 1.0

  3. an Orca Dork

    OG Scorpion 1.0

    Observe the Tutorial and Demonstration >>>CLICK TO DOWNLOAD<<< How to Use? Launch IRTV Click File -> Open -> "Select the .irtv mod you want to load" Load the Campaign version of mod provided. Order a Scorpion Load Tags Poke the Changes Re-Order the Scorpion to enjoy your new ride! (if...