1. RPAL

    Stealin' Your Flags 2016-10-24

    On New Year's Day 2011 I released what would become the most successful map of my forge career--today I am pleased to be sharing a new version of that very same minigame for Halo 5. *I am going to go into a lot of detail below. You can skip it all by scrolling down to the gold download...
  2. RPAL

    Night at the Diner

    Night at the Diner is exactly as the name implies! It's night time at a diner! >>> DOWNLOAD <<< Night at the Diner has all of the essentials you'd expect at a diner: a large bar with bar stools, booths near the windows, two restrooms, and a kitchen. There is even a basement containing a...
  3. RPAL

    Standard Cavalcade

    ----> WALK-THROUGH VIDEO <---- ---> Album with more Pictures <---- --> Gameplay <-- Want to DOWNLOAD Cavalcade? Check the Download Section at the bottom of this page! Map Description: Cavalcade is a symmetrical arena map designed around the core Capture the Flag gametype. My goal with this map...