1. ReachTea

    Reach Reach SxG (Bay) 2022-09-29

    Competitive Fast-Paced Sniper X Grenade Launcher Action! Free For All designed map alongside the SxG game mode Recommended Player Size: 3-16 Free-For-All (Download the SxG Gamemode!) How to Install: Drag & Drop .MVAR file inside...
  2. Soletare

    Standard Pegasus II: Sanghelios 1.1

    I really enjoy the map 'Pegasus', but I felt it looks to "ugly", so I decided to make new version of it. The block textures are all the same, also reflection and physics. Glass can not be found anymore (since it is an ancient temple) and it was replaced by a new "gate" or by some grides. The...
  3. SEspider

    Standard Wauzeka

    Wauzeka was created to honor my friend, Adam Bartels and his family, after their house fire. The plan was to simply recreate a two small portions of Halo CE's Halo level. Mostly consisting of a waterfall, and rock geometry. Although that was possible, it didn't have the "cool" factor I was...