1. HeiwaHero

    Halo: Combat Reformed 1.0

    Halo: Combat Reformed The Reformation is finally complete. This mod seeks to tweak and fine tune Halo Infinite's gameplay, sandbox and visuals to the best of my ability and what the tools can offer to make Halo Infinite the best it can be, and in many ways make it more consistent with prior...
  2. M

    Halo CE pistol 1.2

    makes the gun automatic, fire rate similar to halo ce, increases ammo capacity, increases damage and hides the gun on ADS.
  3. an Orca Dork

    Storm Carbine 1.0

  4. an Orca Dork

    Plasmashot 0.9

  5. M

    Halo 5 thruster 1.2

    lowered the recharge time to be 4 seconds like and made the reticle disappear when activated like Halo 5, as well as make the active camo not work because that was not in halo 5. after updates this should now work like intended.
  6. an Orca Dork

    Ultra Weapon Modpack 1.0

    >>>CLICK TO DOWNLOAD<<< Please Report any bugs or weapons with Infinite ammo in the comments below. Crashes are to be expected, Its a 343 game after all. How to Use? Launch IRTV Click File -> Open -> "Select the .irtv mod(s) you want to load" Click "Load" Click "Poke All" If you find a...